Keep fresh cut potatoes bright without sulphites!
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About us

WADI (Wellington Agribusiness Developments Inc.)
WADI is a private Canadian company incorporated in 2007 to research, develop and commercialize innovative agricultural-based products for use in foods products.

WADI is focussed on finding and commercializing greener, healthier, and more natural alternatives to protect the quality of fresh fruit and vegetable products.


All WADI products are based on IceinTM, a patented protein polysaccharide complex made from zein protein that helps maintain the quality of fresh cut fruit and vegetables.

Latest works

Keep Carrots Crunchy
Recent research confirms that Potato Saver is also effective at preserving the colour and texture of raw baby carrots for over two weeks.
More testing is underway to replicate these results and to fine-tune the rates and timings.
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